Footwear testing.

1-Whole Shoe Slip Resistance Tester SATRA STM 603 (ASTM F2913. ISO EN 13287)
2-Safety Toe Compression Testing (ASTM F2412)
3-Durometer Hardness (ASTM D2240)
4-Brungraber Mark II Slip Resistance Tester (ASTM F1677)
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Soling Materials

test description method

Abrasion Resistance

DIN ASTM D5963, DIN 53516
Taber ASTM D3389/D7255
Apparent Density (Specific Gravity) ASTM D297/D792/D3574
Colorfastness to Light AATCC 16, ASTM D4329/G151/G153/G154
Compression Set and Recovery ASTM D395/SATRA TM 64
Cracking Resistance - Ross Flex ASTM D1052
Durometer Hardness ASTM D2240
Light and Oven Aging ASTM D573/D4329/G151/G154
Melt Point ASTM D276
Non-Marking PTL 1260-06, SATRA TM 223
Oil / Chemical Resistance ASTM D471
Slip Resistance ASTM F489/F1677/F2913, ISO 13287, SATRA TM 144

Tear Strength

Die C ASTM D624
F Tear ASTM D3574
Slit ASTM D412/D2212
Stitch (Single / Double Hole) ASTM D4786/D4705, FTM 311-2141/2151
Tongue ASTM D4704
Trouser (Die T) ASTM D624
Tensile Strength and/or Elongation ASTM D412/D2209/D2211/D3574

Upper - Leather / Synthetic and Lining Materials

test description method

Abrasion Resistance

Martindale ASTM D4966, SATRA TM 31
Taber ASTM D3389/D3884/D7255
Anti-Microbial Finish Assessment AATCC 100/147
Anti-Fungal Finish Assessment / Resistance AATCC 30, ASTM G21
Apparent Density (Specific Gravity) ASTM D297/D2346
Ash Content ASTM D297/D2617
Blocking Resistance ASTM D751/D6116, FTM 311-3121
Blooming PTL 1390-07
Breathability (Water Vapor Permeability) ASTM D5052/E96
Burst Strength - Ball ASTM D2207/D3787
Chrome Content ASTM D2807

Colorfastness to:

Crocking (Wet and Dry) AATCC8/116, ASTM D5053, FTM 311-3011
Light AATCC 16, ASTM G151/G153/G154
Perspiration AATCC 15, ASTM D2322, FTM 311-3211
Water (Bleed Resistance) AATCC 107, ASTM D5552/D6012

Cracking Resistance (Finish / Grain)

Ball SLP / IUP9
Bally Flex ASTM D6182
Impact (Low Temperature) ASTM D1790
Mandrel / Fold ASTM D6075, FTM 311-7211
Mullen ASTM D2210
Finish Adhesion SATRA TM 408, Tape Test (PTL 1310-07)
Flammability / Heat Resistance NFPA 1971/1977
Formaldehyde Content AATCC 112

Fungicide Analysis

OPP % HPLC, Extraction
Light and Heat Aging (Finish Stability) ASTM D573/G151/G154
Oil and Grease Content ASTM D3495
Oil Repellency AATCC 118
Pilling - Martindale ASTM D4970
pH AATCC 81, ASTM D2810
Pipiness ASTM D2941, SATRA TM 36
Scuff Resistance (Taber) ASTM D3389/D3884/D7255
Shrink Temperature ASTM D6076, FTM 311-7011
Stain / Soil Release AATCC 130, PTL Methods
Staining / Bleeding ASTM D5552/D6012, FTM 311-3021

Tear Strength

Slit / Slot ASTM D2212
Stitch (Single / Double Hole) ASTM D4786/D4705
Tongue ASTM D751/D4704
Tensile Strength and/or Elongation ASTM D2208/D2209/D2211/D5034/D5035
Thickness ASTM D1813/D1814
Water Absorption ASTM D1815/D6014/D6015, FTM 311-8111/8112
Water Resistance - Maeser Flex ASTM D2099
Wicking / Water Take-Up PTL 1030

Insole Material

test description method

Abrasion Resistance

Martindale ASTM D4966, SATRA TM 31
Taber ASTM D3884
Wyzenbeek ASTM D4157
Bond Strength (Peel) SATRA TM 101
Colorfastness to Crocking (Wet and Dry) AATCC 8/116
Compression Set and Recovery ASTM D3574
Dimensional Stability SATRA TM 98
Flexing Index SATRA TM 3

Insole Rib

Shear Strength SATRA TM 405
Stitch Tear PTL Methods
Light and Heat Aging AATCC 16, ASTM D573/G151/G154
Stiffness ASTM D747
Thickness ASTM D1777
Tensile Strength SATRA TM 2

Complete Shoe Testing / Safety Shoe Testing

test description method
Breathability / Water Vapor Permeability Military method
Blooming PTL 1390-07
Oven Aging / Tropical Chamber Aging ASTM D573, PTL 1320-07, FTM 311-5041

Safety Shoe Testing

Conductive Protective
Electrical Hazard (EH)
Impact and Compression
Metatarsal Protective
Puncture Resistant Devices (Corrosion, Flex, Puncture)
Static Dissipative (SD)
Rockwell Hardness ASTM E18

SATRA Whole Shoe Flex

Water Resistance SATRA TM 77
Shoe Strap Attachment Strength ASTM D5035
Sole Adhesion PTL 1300, SATRA TM 404/411, Military methods
Water Resistance-Static PTL 1330-07


test description method
Compression Resistance (Crush) MIL-C-41814F
Disintegration MIL-C-41814F

Fungicide Analysis

Thickness ASTM D1813/D1814
Water Absorption MIL-C-41814F
Water Soluble MIL-C-41814F


test description method
Abrasion Resistance - DIN, NBS ASTM D1630/D5963, DIN 53516
Durometer Hardness ASTM D2240
Heel Attachment Strength PTL 1225
Non-Marking PTL 1260-06, SATRA TM 223
Slip Resistance ASTM F489/F1677/F2913, ISO 13287, SATRA TM 144
Top Lift Attachment Strength PTL 1220
Thickness ASTM D1813/D1814

Laces and Threads / Zippers and Fasteners

test description method
Abrasion Resistance-Flex and Abrasion ASTM D3885
Barrel Pull Off PTL 1340-07
Corrosion Resistance (Salt Fog) ASTM B117
Eyelet / Loop / Fastener Tear Out Resistance SATRA TM 149
Finish Abrasion Burrel Shaker Method
Hook and Loop Fasteners (Peel / Shear) ASTM D5170/D5169
Tensile Strength and/or Elongation ASTM D2209/D2211/D5035
Thickness ASTM D1777/D1813/D1814
Zipper and Fastener Testing ASTM Methods, SFA Methods
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