Military testing.

Precision Testing Laboratories is proud to be U.S. Government, certified testing laboratory (QLL # 15060 with DOD) providing verification and conformance testing for products used by the armed forces. Please contact us with the required purchase description or military specification. Please click on the rectangle to view specific testing procedures for our most requested tests. Should you require a test that is not on our listing, please contact us.

Antimicrobial Properties

test description method
Antibacterial Finish Assessment, Qualitative AATCC 147
Antibacterial Finish Assessment, Quantitative AATCC 100. ASTM E2149
Antifungal Activity AATCC 30
Resistance to Fungi ASTM G21

Flame and Thermal Protective Properties

test description method
Conductive Heat Resistance ASTM F1060, NFPA methods
Heat and Thermal Shrinkage Resistance NFPA methods
Sole Heat Resistance NFPA methods
Vertical Flame Resistance ASTM D6413, NFPA methods

Performance Testing

test description method
Air Permeability ASTM D737
Dimensional Stability AATCC 135
Drying Time Military methods
Moisture Vapor Transmission ASTM D5052/E96, Whole Boot
Moisture Wicking Military methods
Water Resistance/Water Repellency AATCC 22/127/ASTM D751

Physical Testing

test description method
Abrasion Testing – Taber, Flex & Abrasion, Martindale ASTM D3885/D3884/D4966
Colorfastness – Crocking, Laundering, Light, Perspiration AATCC 8/61/16/15
Electrical Hazard ASTM F2412/F2413
Impact & Compression ASTM F2412/F2413
Mass per Unit Area (Weight) of Fabric ASTM D3776
Stiffness ASTM D747/2821
Strength – Elmendorf, Tongue ASTM D1424/D2261
Tensile Strength & Elongation ASTM D2209/D2211/D5034/D5035
Thickness ASTM D1777/D1813/D1814
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