Textile/Apparel testing.

Martindale Abrasion Tester (ASTM D4966)
Taber Abrasion Tester (ASTM D3884)
Martindale Abrasion Tester (ASTM D4966)
Taber Abrasion Tester (ASTM D3884)
The Textile Testing Department is dedicated to helping customers obtain the highest performance testing standards for their products. Please click on the rectangle to view specific testing procedures for our most requested tests. Should you require a test that is not on our listing, please contact us.

Abrasion / pilling

test description method


Accelerotor AATCC 93
Flex and Abrasion (Stoll) ASTM D3885
Inflated Diaphragm (Stoll) ASTM D3886
Martindale ASTM D4966
Taber ASTM D3389


Martindale ASTM D4970
Random Tumble ASTM D3512

Antimicrobial Properties

test description method
Antibacterial Finish Assessment, Qualitative AATCC 147
Antibacterial Finish Assessment, Quantitative AATCC 100. ASTM E2149
Antifungal Activity AATCC 30
Resistance to Fungi ASTM G21


test description method
Bleach (Chlorine) AATCC 61/Clorox Method
Bleach (Non-Chlorine) AATCC 172/Clorox Method
Burnt Gas Fumes AATCC 23
Crocking (Flat or Rotary) AATCC 8/116
Dry Heat (Excluding Pressing) AATCC 117
Dye Transfer in Storage AATCC 163
Hot Pressing AATCC 133
Laundering AATCC 61/135/150
Light AATCC 16, ASTM G151/G153/G154
Perspiration (Acid and/or Alkaline) AATCC 15, FTM 191A-5680
Water (Bleed Resistance) AATCC 107
Water (Chlorinated Pool) AATCC 162
Water (Sea) AATCC 106
Phenolic Yellowing James H. Heals Phenolic Yellowing Test

Fabric and Apparel Construction

test description method
Thread/Stitch Count Microscopic Analysis
Thickness ASTM D1777
Thread Count ASTM D3775/D3887
Weave Identification Visual and/or Microscopic Analysis
Weight ASTM D3776
Width ASTM D3774

Fiber / Chemical Analysis

test description method


Alcohol AATCC 97, ASTM D629/D2257, FTM

Fiber Content

Qualitative AATCC 20
Quantitative - % Reported AATCC 20A
Formaldehyde Content AATCC 112
Melting Point ASTM D276
Non-Fibrous Content ASTM D629
pH AATCC 81, ASTM D2165
Presence of Labile Sulfur FTM 191A-2020


test description method
Automotive Trim Materials FMVSS 302
Children's Sleepwear CPSC 16 CFR 1615/1616
Cloth (Vertical) ASTM D6413/F1358, FTM 191A-5903
Drapery / Upholstery Fabric CAL 117, NFPA 701
NFPA Consult Lab
Shipboard IMO A.471, A.563/A.652/ A.688
Wearing Apparel CPSC 16 CFR 1610, CS 191-53

Laundering / Dry Cleaning

test description method
Accelerated AATCC 61
Dry Cleaning Commercial
Home / Hand Laundering AATCC 135/150

Laundering Evaluations

Color Change AATCC Gray Scale for Color Change
Crease Retention AATCC 88C/143
Pilling ASTM D3512 Photographic Standards
Shrinkage AATCC 135/150/158
Skewness (Torque) AATCC 179
Smoothness Appearance AATCC 124/143
Smoothness of Seams AATCC 88B/143
Soil / Stain Release AATCC 130, AATCC Gray Scale for Staining, PTL Methods

Moisture Management

test description method
Fabric Drying Time Military methods
Moisture Vapor Transmission ASTM E96 Procedures A, B, BW
Wicking AATCC 197, Military method, PTL 1130

Oil and Water Aborbency / Repellency

test description method


Oil Consult Lab
Terry Fabrics ASTM D4772
Water AATCC 79, PTL 1090


Oil AATCC 118
Water-Dynamic Tumble Jar AATCC 70
Water-Spray Test AATCC 22


Hydrostatic Pressure (High and Low) AATCC 127, ASTM D751
Impact Penetration AATCC 42
Rain Test AATCC 35, US Customs

Performance Tests

test description method
Air Permeability ASTM D737, FTM 191-5450
Blocking ASTM D751, FTM 191A-5872
Coefficient of Friction (Static & Kinetic) ASTM D1894
Component Testing-Buttons, Clasps, other-strength, corrosion, impact etc. ASTM and PTL Methods
Hook & Loop Fastener (Peel & Shear) ASTM D5170/5169
Odor SAE J1351, Consult Lab

Resistance to Low Temperature (to - 40° F)

Impact ASTM D1790
Mandrel Bend ASTM D751
Roller Method ASTM D751
Resistance of Materials to Pink Staining Organism ASTM E1428


Cantilever Drape Flex ASTM D1388/D5732
Tinius Olsen ASTM D747
Thermal Protective Performance ASTM F1060
Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF Rating) AATCC 183
Wrinkle Recovery AATCC 128

Strength and Durability

test description method
Adhesion ATM D751

Bursting Strength

Ball ASTM D751/D3787
Mullen (Hydraulic Diaphragm) ASTM D751/D3786
Puncture Resistance ASTM D751/D4833, FTM 101C-2065.1
Seam Strength ASTM D1683
Snap Strength ASTM D4846

Stretch and Elongation

Stretch Elastic Fabrics ASTM D4964/D5278
Stretch and Recovery ASTM D2594/D3107

Tear Strength

Elmendorf ASTM D751/D1424
Tongue ASTM D751/D2261
Trapezoid ASTM D751/D4533/D5587/D5733
Tensile Strength and/or Elongation ASTM D751/D882//D5034/D5035
Zipper Strength ASTM Methods, SFA Methods
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